Our Services & Fees

Our Services & Fees

Our main fee is the Administrative Filing Fee. This fee is $600.00 and is split evenly between the parties. This fee is due and payable regardless of whether the grievance goes to hearing or not.

There are two additional fees that parties might incur during the arbitration process:

  • Additional Day of Hearing: $150.00. Only cases requiring more than one day of hearing will be billed this additional charge for each day of hearing after the first. This fee is divided equally between the parties.
  • Postponement Fee: $150.00. Postponements requested by either party will result in a fee for each day of hearing that is rescheduled. This fee is paid by the party requesting the postponement unless the parties agree otherwise.

While scheduling, hosting, and minor technical support for virtual hearings is covered in the Administrative Filing Fee, we do offer full-day, active facilitation of virtual hearings for $700.00 a day. This facilitator fee can be split between the parties (in some cases with the Arbitrator as well) and is an additional service. If interested, please ask Jan or your Case Administrator about it.

To ensure a complete understanding of the process and steps involved, please review our Labor Arbitration Rules.