"From the very first case The Labor Relations Connection administered for one of our clients, our firm knew that we had found the ideal Arbitration Administrator to suit the needs not only of our clients but also our busy law practice. Over the ensuing years, our lawyers and administrative staff have come to appreciate and depend on the responsiveness of Jan Teehan and her staff, as well as their attention to detail. Our cases are scheduled promptly, and the communication around expectations has been clear and consistent. But almost more importantly, Jan and her staff have been gracious and good humored, even during the depths of the pandemic, allowing us to develop a congenial professional relationship out of what might otherwise have been a set of mundane business transactions. I can’t recommend Jan and her team highly enough."

Al Gordon O’Connell, Esq. | Managing Partner, Pyle Rome Ehrenberg PC

“As the traditional private provider of Labor Arbitration administration deteriorates, The Labor Relations Connection run by Jan Teehan not only fills the resulting gap, but provides service that is superb. In significant part, this is because Jan actually cares about the parties and the Arbitrators. She attends to details. She schedules, she follows up, she follows up her follow ups. One thing labor and management agree on: The LRC is terrific. And, Arbitrators whose livelihoods depend on the effectiveness of her services, are outspoken about their preference for The LRC. And at risk of gilding the lily, during the pandemic, when the process could have fallen apart, Jan quickly transferred things to Zoom, and helped us all through the transition.”

Arthur Telegen, Esq. | Seyfarth Shaw LLP

"The Labor Relations Connection can be described in two words- The Best. The quality of the lists for the selection of Arbitrators is far better than other agencies. Many times I have joined with employers requesting special considerations and I have never been disappointed. Jan’s gentle reminders for timely responses to all are appreciated. I respect Jan’s skills, ability, and work habits. Most of all Jan is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor. If you are not working with The Labor Relations Connection, you are not working with the best."

Mr. Jack V. Callaci | United Nurses & Allied Professionals Director, Collective Bargaining & Organizing

"The Labor Relations Connection came recommended to us by an Arbitrator who was frustrated that other administrative agencies would hold dates but never follow up. That recommendation was a serious undersell of the difference a good Administrator can make.

Our cases are administered efficiently, professionally, and promptly. Even if we lose track of a case, Jan and the rest of the staff at Labor Relations Connection never do. I can’t say enough good things about Jan, her professionalism and her promptness. We are trying to move all of our cases at all of our employers over to LRC based on two years of nothing but good results."

Laura Moye | UNITE HERE!, L.26

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with The LRC for over fifteen years in my role as Labor Counsel at three different government agencies. The LRC provides an unparalleled level of service and administrative support throughout the arbitration process. Jan Teehan and more recently Mitch Wilson go beyond the mere requirements of administering this process. They provide a personalized approach that allows you to focus on the merits of your case. The staff at The LRC are efficient, responsive, professional and dedicated. More than that, they are also just lovely people and pleasure to work with on a daily basis. I cannot recommend their services more highly."

Eamonn G Gill, Esq. | Boston, MA

“Jan Teehan and her staff at The Labor Relations Connection provide exceptional service in arbitration administration services. Since we switched to The LRC from a competing agency many years ago, The LRC has provided prompt, professional, reasonably priced, and high quality service on every one of our cases filed with the agency. The quality of the Arbitrator strike list is outstanding, and Jan has been happy to work with management and the Union on creative ways to ensure we receive lists that best suit the needs of both parties.

Finally, in addition to providing such outstanding arbitration services, I can honestly say that Jan is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable professionals I have ever dealt with in any capacity. We have been extremely satisfied with the services provided by The LRC and are thrilled that we made the switch to The LRC.”

Julie Armstrong, Esq. | Retired Chief Counsel, Maine Office of Employee Relations

“The Labor Relations Connection has been an asset in processing grievances for the largest independent Law Enforcement Union in New England. The Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union (MCOFU) and its 4500 members is impressed with the advances in technology and professionalism of The Labor Relations Connection.”

Stephen Hocking | Former Grievance Coordinator MCOFU

“Our firm represents many school districts in Rhode Island. We have had the opportunity to utilize the services of The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. on several occasions. We find them to be very organized, efficient, flexible and responsive to our needs. Their service and response time is superior to larger arbitration organizations and they offer the same Arbitrators. We routinely recommend that The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. be included in collective bargaining agreements.”

Ben Scungio, Esq. | Brennan, Recupero, Cascione, Scungio & McAllister.

“The System Council T6 joined The Labor Relations Connection in 2015. Our experience has been wonderful. Jan has kept us updated on all phases of the process. Her commitment to our group has been second to none. Working with her and the staff has been a very pleasant experience.”

Myles Calvey | System Council T6 Chairman

“Jan’s ability to move parties quickly through the selection process, her flexibility to develop a customized service, her accessibility and superior communication skills, assure parties that they will receive the highest caliber of service. Jan’s ability to move quickly and efficiently through the arbitration process, her superior communication skills and availability outside of conventional office hours has proven to be a great benefit. I can recommend The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. without reservation.”

Gerard P. Cobleigh, Esq. | Retired Union Counsel